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6. SLP Package Management Systems

6.1 slp.conf

A configuration file, slp.conf, SHALL contain all of the basic information required for operation of SLP-handling programs and libraries. This configuration file MUST contain (at a minimum) the following pieces of information: format of SLP information database, location of SLP information database, distribution identifier, and distribution release identifier.

The format described within the reference implementation section of this document SHALL be referred to as being database format 'reference'. Those creating alternate SLP database schemes MUST provide a mechanism for converting data to-and-from this format (as this is the reference implementation).

Entries within this file are not required be in a particular order, but must conform to the following format:

distribution = {distribution identifier}
distribution-release = {distribution release identifier}
database-format = {database format}
database-location = {full path to database location}

The following is a sample slp.conf:

distribution = 101
distribution-release = 625
database-format = reference
database-location = /var/lib/slp

6.2 Package handling overview

Unforced vs. Forced Operation

All package handling operations, regardless of action performed (be they install, upgrade, removal, etc.) shall have two basic modes of operation, unforced and forced. Unforced operation shall be the default for all operations. When operations are occur in an unforced manner, all detected ideosyncracies or problems shall result in an error condition (and shall abort the pertinent operation). When operations occur in a forced manner, all detected idiosyncrasies or problems shall result in a printed warning, but the underlying issue shall be ignored (the pertinent operation shall processed anyway). Selection of forced operation SHOULD be possible within all SLP handling utilities; as a command-line option on console utilities and as a checkbox or similar in GUI utilities.

Within all descriptions of package handling operations, the abbreviation (F) shall refer to forced operation and the abbreviation (UF) shall refer to unforced operation.

6.3 Package installation/upgrade

The following steps shall be performed during a package install or upgrade.

... to be continued ...

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6.4 Package removal

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