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What is Marble Horse?

Marble Horse Free Software Group was formed by a small team of independent developers dedicated to strengthening free software and cultivation of the free software community. The Marble Horse team consists of developers, researchers and technical specialists from a number of backgrounds and a broad range of experience.

What does Marble Horse do?

Projects of the Marble Horse Free Software Group typically focus on one or more of the following:

  • Development of new software to fill recognized gaps (where there is no existing free software solution to a problem).
  • Development and expansion of existing free software products, including bug resolution and feature addition.
  • Creation and maintenance of documentation for free software or documentation which seeks to help close gaps in free software-related documentation.
  • Testing and formal reporting of free software products and solutions.
  • Technical, quality assurance and administration development assistance for existing free software projects.

How was the name "Marble Horse" selected?

We intend our efforts to be strong and valiant, much as the knight in chess. Our moves are well planned and well executed; our goal is noble, the expansion and extension of free software worldwide.

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