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Members of the Marble Horse Free Software Group are active in online and offline discussions, editorials and other advocacy work. We advocate rights to privacy and anonymity, free software development and the free software community.

The following is a catalog of works created by Marble Horse members:

Related to Free Software:

OLS Transcription Project was founded by Jacob Moorman () on 15 September, 2000.

The Importance of Non-Developer Supporters in Free Software, by Jacob Moorman (), was released on 22 April, 2000.

  • editorial
  • Advogato article

The In-Roads to Free Software Development, by David Burley (), was released on 14 June, 2000.

  • editorial
  • Advogato article

Related to Cryptography:

Details of the Marble Horse Free Software Group's cryptography policies, practices and specific advocacy efforts are provided for viewing.

Support for Other Free Software Projects:

Jacob Moorman () provided web site content for the CD Packet Writing Support for Linux project.

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