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GNU Privacy Guard Key Usage Practices

The Marble Horse Free Software Group and its members actively employ cryptographic protocols and applications, including GNU Privacy Guard. This document has been created to provide some level of notification to the general public as to when to expect digital signatures on materials posted by MHFSG members.

MHFSG members sign a large percentage of outbound private e-mail, newsgroup postings and postings to mailing lists. All announcement postings related to MHFSG postings will be signed. All patches, documentation and redistributable (licensed) content originating from MHFSG members and sent to public mailing lists or newsgroups shall be signed as a security precaution. Unsigned patches or software materials which appear to originate from a MHFSG member should be considered suspect; you should ask for a signature corresponding to the materials prior to considering their source trustworthy.

MHFSG members will accept digitally signed private e-mail, as well as e-mail encrypted with that member's public key, which is sent to their MHFSG electronic mailbox.

MHFSG members do not include their key fingerprint or public key within the text of public postings; key information may be obtained from the MHFSG website ( or from one of the popular public key servers ( or Our key ID may be listed in postings.

Keys held by MHFSG members, which are tagged as MHFSG member keys, shall not be used to sign documents of a medical or financial nature. Since our keys have not been issued by a licensed Certification Authority, they will not be used to sign official government documents or be used to sign documents in place of a handwritten signature. Our keys are used to enhance the security and privacy of communications but are not used for 'business transactions'.

During the course of everyday life, MHFSG members may work under the auspices of other organizations, companies or individuals. Materials posted by MHFSG members which originate from these non-MHFSG efforts may not comply with these guidelines; these groups or individuals may or may not have their own guidelines for document signing and encryption.

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