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Keysigning Records (since 1 July, 2000)

Key holder Key signer Signing status
Stephen C. Tweedie Jacob Moorman Completed (2000/07/25)
Theodore Ts'o Jacob Moorman Completed (2000/07/25)
Theodore Ts'o Jacob Moorman Completed (2000/07/25)
Amy Fong Jacob Moorman Completed (2000/07/25)
Florian Lohoff Jacob Moorman Completed (2000/07/29)
Richard Guy Briggs Jacob Moorman Pending
Richard Gooch Jacob Moorman Pending
Linux Kernel Archives... Jacob Moorman Pending
H. Peter Anvin Jacob Moorman Pending
John Hoffmann Jacob Moorman Completed (2000/07/24)

This list of keysigning events has been provided per the Marble Horse Free Software Group keysigning policy. In-depth details are provided of all keysigning transactions marked "Completed". Keysignings marked with "Pending" status currently await further communication between the potential key signer and the key holder. Keysignings marked with "Denied" status have not been completed due to issues described in the keysigning policy; notification of this status has been sent to the keyholder.

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