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Key ID
Jacob Moorman D58B4841 (added 1999/11/03)
David Burley (not currently active)
John Hoffmann D2914D10 (added 2000/01/23)
Erik Peterson 95F549AD (added 1999/11/03)
Gabriel Ricard 2A853125 (added 2000/04/14)
Jeffrey Stedfast F9DE696B (added 2000/04/19)
Erich Zigler 8F98DF15 (added 2000/10/23)

Retrieving keys using GNU Privacy Guard:

Public keys may be retrieved directly from public key servers using GNU Privacy Guard (both GNU Privacy Guard and the keyservers know how to speak a special key retrieval protocol). Marble Horse Free Software Group member keys are posted to the '' and '' chains of public key servers. You may use GNU Privacy Guard to retrieve our keys using one of the following commands (8 character key IDs for each member are listed above):

gpg --keyserver\
     --recv-keys {8 character key ID}
gpg --keyserver \
    --recv-keys {8 character key ID}

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