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Members of the Marble Horse Free Software Group believe firmly in the need for high quality, functional documentation for free software products. To this end, there are several active group efforts related to documentation. Per group policy, documentation efforts become public knowledge after their first official public release. The following documentation has been released by Marble Horse members:

Kodak Digital Camera HOWTO
Author: David Burley ()
Current version: 0.0.7 (20 February, 2000)

The Kodak Digital Camera HOWTO provides details to interfacing with a Kodak DC-series digital camera. Step-by-step instructions provide insight into configuration of hardware interfaces for communication and software used to download pictures from Kodak digital cameras. This HOWTO has been accepted into the Linux Documentation Project (LDP).

Guide to Conectiva Linux 6.0 under VMware
Author: Jacob Moorman ()
Current version: 10 January, 2001
This guide provides step-by-step instructions for installing Conectiva Linux 6.0 as a guest operating system under VMware.

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