Obtaining Support

Conectiva Linux

Information regarding support of the Conectiva Linux distribution, as provided by Conectiva, may be found on the Conectiva web site. At time of this writing, Conectiva provides support with the purchase of a Conectiva Linux boxed set; please see the Conectiva web site for additional, up-to-date details. The Conectiva web site is provided in several languages; the English language support page may be found at: http://en.conectiva.com/support

Bugs found in the Conectiva Linux distribution may be reported using Conectiva's Bugzilla.


Information regarding support of VMware is available from the VMware support page, found at: http://www.vmware.com/support/

Bugs found in VMware may be reported using the “File an Incident” link on the VMware support page (mentioned previously).

Reporting Bugs in This Document

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