Installation Procedure



Prior to following the installation instructions included within this document, it is expected that you have, 1) obtained the VMware software; 2) obtained a valid license for VMware (either by purchasing a license or obtaining a trial license from VMware); 3) installed a supported host platform for VMware (the author of this document used Red Hat Linux 6.2 to generate these instructions, though you may use any supported VMware platform); and 4) installed the VMware software and completed the post-install configuration ( When configuring VMware, you should select options to enable host-only networking.

Host Operating System

It is recommended that you consider installing all distributor-supplied updates and errata for your host platform; keeping your system up-to-date helps to prevent known bugs from interrupting your work. Documentation on installing system updates are available on the vendor web sites for the majority of VMware-supported host platforms. Please attempt to ensure that your system is running properly before you add the complexity of running virtual machine software.

If you are using a Linux (or GNU/Linux) distribution as your host, please read the VMware documentation related to X servers supported on host platforms. Ensure that you have sufficient free disk space (1000-3000 MB free, minimum) to install Conectiva Linux 6 under VMware. Verify that your /dev/cdrom device is a symlink pointing to the correct hardware device for your CD-ROM. (Does your CD-ROM drive work?)

Conectiva Linux

Obtain Conectiva Linux 6 disc 1. This may be done by purchasing a Conectiva Linux 6 boxed set; or by downloading (free of charge, excepting any Internet service fees your ISP charges) the ISO image for Conectiva Linux 6 disc 1 and burning it to CD (using a CD burner). Take a moment to review the release notes included on the CD.

Additionally, you will require the MI (Modular Installer) updates diskette image provided by Conectiva. This diskette fixes several bugs in the previous version of the installer which would prevent you from installing Conectiva Linux 6.0 under VMware. The updates disk is available from; a digital signature for this disk image (signed with the Conectiva distribution key) is available from

Phase One: Build a VMware Configuration

Phase Two: Install Conectiva Linux 6

Phase Three: Complete Installation

linux single

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy
cd /tmp
tar -xzf /mnt/floppy/vmware-linux-tools.tar.gz
cd vmware-linux-tools
rm /dev/mouse 

./ caldera


to read:


cd /tmp
rm -Rf vmware-linux-tools/