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A significant amount of time is invested in the development of new free software solutions which satisfy the needs of the free software community. The following are projects initiated by or maintained by Marble Horse Free Software Group members:

GMime  [ Homepage Appindex Record ]
Author: Jeffrey Stedfast ()
Latest release: 0.4.0 (14 January, 2001)

GMime is a library and utility suite that provides all of the mechanisms needed to generate and parse MIME messages. (MIME is the specification used throughout the Internet for e-mail attachments, among other uses.)

STPhp  [ Homepage ]
Author: Jacob Moorman ()
Latest release: 1.1.2 (02 November, 2000)

STPhp is a PHP-based string translation suite designed as a simple internationalization tool to work without requiring non-standard dependencies; only the core of php3 is required, which means STPhp can be easily used in places where you, the code creator or installer, do not have control over the php binaries or configuration. STPhp is designed with a simple architecture, allowing you to store your translations in the manner you choose, so as to provide the highest possible performance with the lowest possible maintenance overhead. STPhp functions by externalizing the messages from your application, storing them until your application requests them.

Conflux  [ Homepage ]
Author: Jacob Moorman ()
Latest release: 0.11 (14 September, 2000)

Conflux allows you to submit searches to be performed, either immediately or later, by the Conflux collector. Once the search has been performed, you will have ready access to the URLs of the results provided by the search engine you used. Using Conflux, you can manage your past searches, better keeping track of materials you have found useful, and aiding you in submitting follow-up searches. Both searches and search results may be bundled together, permitting you to best organize your information how you see fit. Best of all, you may enable your entire team to use Conflux, sharing the benefit of your research.

The Conflux data collection and management suite includes a 'collector', written in perl, a PHP3-based frontend, and a MySQL database schema.

Spruce  [ Homepage Appindex Record ]
Author: Jeffrey Stedfast ()
Latest release: 0.7.5 (2 September, 2000)

Spruce is a high-performance Gtk+ based mail client. Spruce prides itself in stability, speed and RFC-compliance. Development efforts have been underway for a year, during which time its userbase has grown in size; Spruce's end-users have come to trust Spruce's elegant simplicity and excellent feature offerings. Several mail protocols are supported (including SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4) as well high-end features such as encryption of mail using GNU Privacy Guard (gpg).

MH  [ Homepage ]
Author: Jacob Moorman ()
Latest release: 0.4

MH provides a simple mechanism for automatically validating MD5 or SHA1 cryptographic checksums against a list of known sums. A large percentage of free software distributed today is provided in conjunction with a list of known cryptographic checksums; verifying files against those sums is no longer a manual process. Numerous options are provided, enabling this utility to be useful in almost any circumstance.

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