Conflux data collection and management suite
Copyright (C) 2000 Jacob Moorman

Version 0.11; 14 September, 2000


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Conflux allows you to submit searches to be performed, either immediately or later, by the Conflux collector. Once the search has been performed, you will have ready access to the URLs of the results provided by the search engine. Using Conflux, you can manage your past searches, better keeping track of materials you have found useful, aiding you in submitting follow-up searches. Both searchs and search results may be bundled together, permitting you to best organize your information how you see fit. Best of all, you may enable your entire team to use Conflux, sharing the benefits of your research.

The Conflux suite currently consists of a PHP3 frontend, a MySQL database schema, and a perl 'collector' (which may be run as a daemon, from cron or standalone).


Conflux data collection and management suite
including PHP3 frontend, collector and database schema
Copyright (C) 2000 Jacob Moorman

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