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18 June 2002

Congratulations to Jeffrey Stedfast () for making it to work on rollerblades in one piece. This is a good thing both for people who know him and for the whole open source movement because the world would never be the same if some bus driver had smited this fine hacker into the ground.

05 March, 2001

Work done by Erich Zigler () has been added to the FreeBSD port collection. The mq3 ogg/mp3 player was successfully ported to FreeBSD.

04 March, 2001

Jeffrey Stedfast () has released version 0.7.6 of the Spruce mail client.

14 January, 2001

Jeffrey Stedfast () has released version 0.4.0 of GMime, a library for parsing and creating MIME messages.

10 January, 2001

Jacob Moorman () has released an updated version of his guide, providing step-by-step instructions for installing Conectiva Linux 6 as a guest operating system under VMware. This guide is available from the MHFSG documentation page.

25 November, 2000

Jacob Moorman (), in conjunction with the OLS Transcription Project, has released the transcripts for "XFS for Linux", "The Rsync Algorithm" and "EXT3, Journaling Filesystem" (based on the original talks, recorded during the 2000 Ottawa Linux Symposium).

02 November, 2000

Jacob Moorman () has released version 1.1.2 of STPhp.

26 October, 2000

The OLS Transcription Project has been started by Jacob Moorman (). This project seeks to provide high-quality transcripts of recorded sessions from the Ottawa Linux Symposium.

9 October, 2000

David Burley () has released a new version (0.0.10a) of the Kodak Digital Camera HOWTO. (This HOWTO is included in the LDP.)

5 October, 2000

Erich Zigler () has joined the Marble Horse Free Software Group.

4 October, 2000

After a short time period offline, the Marble Horse Free Software Group website has now returned and is fully operational. Our appreciation goes to Quentin Cregan (aphzen of the SourceForge team) for resolving the outstanding configuration issue on our new webserver at SourceForge.

19 September, 2000

The Marble Horse Free Software Group (MHFSG) website is now hosted by SourceForge. Additional MHFSG will soon be available from the "marblehorse" project pages at SourceForge.

14 September, 2000

Jacob Moorman () has posted the first public release of Conflux, a data collection and management suite.

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